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High queue times on OSX builds (.com and .org)–travisci

Incident Report for Travis CI

On Tuesday, August 4th we had a significant period of instability and outage to our OS X build environment for both open source and private repositories. We want to take the time to explain what happened. We recognize that this was a significant disruption to the workflow and productivity of all of our users who rely on us for OS X building and testing. This is not at all acceptable to us. We are very sorry that it happened and our entire Engineering team has implemented a number of changes to help prevent similar problems in the future.

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Retrospective on the Aug 14th VS Online outage-Microsoft

We had a pretty serious outage last Thursday all told it was a little over 5 hours.  The symptoms were that performance was so bad that the service was basically unavailable for most people (though there was some intermittent access as various mitigation steps were taken).  It started around 14:00 UTC and ended a little before 19:30 UTC.  This duration and severity makes this one of the worst incidents we’ve ever had on VS Online.

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