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In the Matter of Knight Capital Americas LLC Respondent–Post MorTem

This is a post mortem by the SEC of the system errors at Knight Capital that ultimately caused a $440m loss. The actual report is in PDF format but I have reproduced the technical sections below.

August 1, 2012 and Related Events

Preparation for NYSE Retail Liquidity Program

To enable its customers’ participation in the Retail Liquidity Program (“RLP”) at the New York Stock Exchange,5 which was scheduled to commence on August 1, 2012, Knight made a number of changes to its systems and software code related to its order handling processes. These changes included developing and deploying new software code in SMARS. SMARS is an automated, high speed, algorithmic router that sends orders into the market for execution. A core function of SMARS is to receive orders passed from other components of Knight’s trading platform (“parent” orders) and then, as needed based on the available liquidity, send one or more representative (or “child”) orders to external venues for execution.

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