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Outage report: 5 September 2015-pythonanywhere

From 20:30 to 23:50 UTC on 5 September, there were a number of problems on PythonAnywhere. Our own site, and those of our customers, were generally up and running, but were experiencing intermittent failures and frequent slowdowns. We’re still investigating the underlying cause of this issue; this blog post is an interim report.

What happened?

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The one where we accidentally DDOS-ed Ourselves- Keen.IO

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An old boss of mine had a phrase he used whenever shit hit the fan. You know, those special and sometimes amazing circumstances that inevitably happen when you’re trying to run a bunch of computers toward a common goal. He was fond of saying: “opportunities arise”.

This summer at Keen IO, we a had a series of postmortem-worthy “opportunities” that threatened everything we hold near and dear: the stability of our platform, the trust of our customers, and the sanity of our team. Please allow us to tell you about them in cathartic detail. Continue reading…