Top Internet Outages of 2015–Thousandeyes

An intersting article and infographic from ThousandEyes of the top internet outages of 2015.

Now that we’ve rung in the new year, let’s look back at the state of Internet performance in 2015. We went through our archives to find the most impactful application and network outages and selected eight whose effects reverberated through many services, users and geographies.

The most impactful Internet outages of 2015 affected entire platforms or ecosystems, setting off a chain of consequences that few would have anticipated. The events ranged from a major Bloomberg terminal outage that halted entire swaths of the financial system to a route leak that took down many sites hosted on AWS. These outages exposed the fact that seemingly unrelated businesses often share common vulnerabilities and services that prove to be critical to their site availability. Shared platforms, hosting services, DNS servers and even physical infrastructure all contribute to the interconnected, collective fragility of the Internet.

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