What Happened: Adobe Creative Cloud Update Bug – backblaze

This is sort-of a 3rd party outage report by Backblaze, the cloud storage company. It describes the impact of an update to Creative Cloud by Adobe that had the nasty side effect of deleting Mac users files in their root directory. Unfortunately this bug also deleted a file that BackBlaze uses to keep track of the backup status of the drive…

Why Was Backblaze Involved:

Backblaze keeps a hidden folder called .bzvol at the top of each drive we see connected to your system. It helps us keep track of your hard drives and keep them backed up. You can read our CTO Brian’s description of it and why we placed it there in this reddit thread. In a lot of cases, when an Adobe Creative Cloud customer hit the above bug, the first hidden folder on their main hard drive’s root folder, was indeed that .bzvol. Fortunately for us and why we were able to identify this issue so quickly, is that we have a pop-up that fires whenever we detect the file .bzvol missing.
Normally, we get reports of this error very rarely. Suddenly we started seeing a rapid increase in support tickets and tweets related to the .bzvol pop-up. We quickly opened an internal investigation into the issue…

Read the Original Report Here